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And will He come?

And will He come? Shall this then be the year?
That great glad day when problems disappear?
When He shall take His loved ones far away
Where they shall see no longer night and day
But only light, His glad and glorious light
No longer fear the terrors of the night.
Ah! Would that He should come
And take me to my glorious future home.

Ah! Yes, but what of those whom I hold dear?
Who know Him not, nor hell and darkness fear
Shall I rejoice in knowing they are lost
Who have refused His love given at such cost?
Shame on me - I forget their deepest need
And think of self, their danger do not heed.
Ah! Would that He should come
And take all to their glorious future home.

How can I show the lost the way to go?
How to them can I His great mercy show?
I can but pray for guidance every day
And hear His voice and follow in His way;
Perhaps by love I may just show one soul
How they too can be made a living whole;
To work till He should come
And take them to their glorious future home.

Lord, help me pray and live and work for you
That some lost soul may see in what I do;
Your love for them is shining out through me
May they respond and trust and truly see;
That soon You'll come and troubles shall all cease
And all be joy and love and light and peace.
Then Lord, that you would come
And take us all to your glad glorious home.

Brenda Scarborough

© 1996