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The Apostate Church

Recently, in our Fellowship study in Revelation we noticed that the Beast (Antichrist) will be supported by the apostate church. The Church started to become apostate when some in the early Church No longer followed the disciples in truth. Leaders warned of false teaching, even tyhen. But over the years the church has become more apostate, especailly in recent time. Jesus taught that this would happen in end times. our local URC has recently, proudly, married two lesbians.

We need to test everything. Evangelicals often seem to assume that all is well with some of the black Gospel churches, when they hear such lovely "gospel" singing. But just look at the recent funeral of Aritha Franklin. A costly eight hour display of praise (worship?) for a rich, worldly  sinful woman, that turned my stomach! Worse, she was being exalted from a lecturn which had the words One Lord - One Faith - One Baptism printed along the front edge. And the scantily clad soloist - Ariana Grande who, according to Christian Voice, sang immoral words and made a dedication to Satan comment at the Manchester concert bombing. Clearly we are entering End Times in a big way. Let us look to the Lord's coming, but meanwhile not take anything for granted, but test all things.

Where is Brexit heading?

Right after the vote more than two years ago I said I did not think we were going to get out. All this time later and with all Theresa May's messing about, the enemies of democracy are taking every opportunity to wreck Brexit. How crazy to put a Remainer in charge of getting us out! I am still hoping to be proved wrong and that we do get out, but at best it is beggining to look more like an expensive compromise if we do. What is so disturbing about this is that those in government are prepared to ride rough shod over the democratic will of the people. When democracy  goes totalitarianism in one form or another is bound to follow.


Interestingly, There are voices raised telling us that a "No Deals Brexit" will be harmful. But that is what we voted for, not the handinmg over of £49 billion and having strings attached!


What is happening to our Christian heritage?

We have moved so far away from what this country once stood for in the terms of Christian morality that as believers we can scarcely believe what has filled the gap. Not only has the concept of Christian marriage man to woman been changed, but the freedom to believe and express God's plans has gone, and expressing the Christian concept of marriage can get you into serious trouble. What is even worse is that powerful pressure groups are becoming succesful in getting small school children questioning their gender. This is perverse to the extreme and interference in family life. Allowing males who want to identify as women to use female changing rooms over the sensitivity of women and girls is another deeply disturbing matter. The great expense of creating gender neutral toilets cannot be justified. How does all this come about? If we move away from Christian concepts which are truth, the enemy is followed and he is the father of lies. The Church is getting more apostate as time goes by. Our local URC church has just proudly married two lesbians!


With all the border line protests by the Palestinians, I was horrified to see a big picture in the Daily Express (it was in other papers too) under the headline: Mother's agony as baby dies in Gaza gas horror. The immediate impression is that Israel has been gassing inocent children. Thousands will be taken in by this and be against Israel even more than they have already been brainwashed into. But a careful look at the photograph will show that it seems to have been posed. The mother was not showing the grief that would have been expected. The bungle she was holding may have been a child, but it was a big bundle for eight months of age. Even if the photo was genuine and not a put up job by the Palestinions, what doting mother would take her child to the front line where it would be in danger. There was no mention of the fact that Israel had leafleted the people telling them what was likley to happen and urging them to stay indoors. Tear gas is a non lethal gas but could affect the vulnerable and those with health conditions. They would have been safe indoors. A second picture showed a drone dropping the tear gas. It was in the open, so no targeting of the ordinary people. Hamas has agreed that at least 40 of those who were shot by the Israelis were terrorists. Non of this seems to matter to the deceitful press who do not go in for honest reporting but are anti semitic , side with the Palestinians and want to see Israel discredited. I wrote a letter to the Express, but they did not publish it. I have now made an official complaint, but do not expect to get anywhere. This avoiding of the facts in order to show Israel in a bad light is quite dreadful. Honest reporting????

On a more positive note, it is brilliant to see America moving it's embassy to Jerusalem, Guatemala following and now Paraguay, hopefully with others to come. Isn't it sad that once again Britain will not do so? Same on us!

It is all happening!

Now April 2018     As Bill Randles has shown us, the very countries (biblical equivalants) that are mentioned in the Gog-Magog war thatis prophesied are now involved in the Syrian conflict. Another cold war ahead might be frightening, but isn't the sight of biblical prphecy coming together exciting for those of us who are true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, whose secon coming we look forward to?

Moral attack on our children with the Transgender issue continues to disturb.

The Brexit issue rumbles on. We ought to have been out by now. As the government drags its feet thwere is more opportunity for the remainers to suvert the issue. What a state we are in

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

Now 2017 They wouldn' let me join the Girl Guides. Now I would be able to do so. I would only have to say that I was Transgender and I would be in, amongst the girls! Similarly, If I were younger I could apply to lead the Girl Guides with the same excuse. What an opportunity for a Paedophile!

The once astute BMA, now little more than a left-wing trades union, has declared that we can not call a woman having a baby "an expectant mother" lest it offends Transgenders. Whatever is it with these people. Let us tell them that we have read the story of the Emporer's new clothes and we know that he is naked. If ever there was an example of people being deceived this is it. End times deception and it is Satanic.

And now the USA! 26th June announcement that the supreme court has declared all states must accept gay marriage! AND - Obama is proud of this achievement!! The Apostle Paul had something to say when the Corinthian church accepted serious sin in its midst. "You are proud - shouldn't you rather mourn...?"

Nations that have ignored protest and pushed ahead with this abomination are experiencing great problems. Consider the terrorist attacks in France and threat of the same here. Both Britain and France - where lots of young people protested - have gone down that route. What is going to happen in America?

So, Elton John and David Furness have now legally married. I was sickened to see the media showing them with their two adopted little boys and all the high profile attendeeds. Those poor children.

It is getting to feel like Sodom and Gomorrah here now. We really are in End Times. No human government will be able to reverse these perverse legislations that our governements have imposed upon us over the past few decades. Only the Lord Jesus Chris and His Divine Government will be able to do this. These things will not be permitted during the Millenium.

Terrorist attacks in France We join France in mourning those killed at Charlie Hebdon and those in the Jewish supermarket. How dreadful for their families and colleagues.

I do, however, have some observations: Muslims will tell us that the terrorists do not represent Islam, which is a peaceful religion and that the Koran does not support violence. But, a little research on the net will soon reveal the number of verses from the Koran that are incitements to violence. Humour is good, but we ought to respect other people's sensitivities. We do not like it when Jesus is maligned, though we do not get violent when it happens. We ought to have freedom of speech to critcise the beliefs of others, but insulting their deities; might that be asking for trouble? It is interesting that France has identified themselves with the paper "Je suis Charlie". But we have to realise that France is a secular society that has little repect for religious belief. This means that the Lord Jesus may be vilified and France not be at all concerned about it. We are unlikely to be aware of the real content of this scurrilous magazine and think that it merely lampoons silly aspects of society and religion. However, it seems that this virilently atheistic journal has published obscene, blasphemous "cartoons" about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. While terrorism and murder are very wrong, the authors have clearly put themselves way out of the Lord's protection and, sadly, are reaping what they have sowed.


Tesco's situation gets worse. The Christian Institute reports that: Nick Lansley, head of R&R for Tesco depicts Christians as "evil" for opposing homosexual marriage! So, now we know! As far as I am aware Tesco still supports Gay Pride. They are now having to close stores.

And the Coop: Thankfully unable to take over some Lloyds branches, its finances are in a state and now a real scandel. It is revealed that this "ethical" Bank - that discriminates against Christians (!) had as Chairman Paul Flowers, a drug user, active homosexual, using rent boys and who astonishingly was a Methodist Minister!!

Discrimination gets worse: Since writing the above there have been numerous incidents of Christians being dismissed for wearing a cross, conversing about their faith or, as the most recent a Christian Red Cross vonunteer dimissed for standing in his own time on the dat Gay Marriage was approved with a banner that said "Say No to Gay Marriage" Yet the Red Cross has decades of work under - a red cross! I received a phone call asking me to donate to the Red Cross. I declined on the grounds of the dismissal of the volunteer, only to be told that the Red Cross had to be seen as even handed. I asked how dismissing someone because of their CXhristian belief was being even handed? I have e mailed and written to the CEO but he has not had the courtesy to reply. Asher's bakery in Northern Ireland who would not bake a cake with "Support Gay Marriage" on it is being taken to court by the Equalities Commision for discrimination.

So, what does it say about our country? It is all one-sided, so just where is the equality? A Muslim or a homosexual can take a stand for what they believe and that is OK. But a Christian cannot any longer declare his/her contrary position or they are likely to be dismissed, have serious compensation ordered or be taken to court and given a sentence. In other words we no longer have freedom of speech. Given that those countries which remove freedom of speech are totalitarian and are either Communist or Fascist, I have written to my MP to ask him which of these our Government is.



Visiting a sick neighbour I found him wanting to talk about the political situation and the world situation, both of which concerned him. He was quick to note all the talk about Globalisation, New World Order etc. I was able to shkow him how the Bible shows that in the "End Times" a powerful global leader will arise - the Antichrist, who will be a false Messiah. People will flock to follow him as he will bring about peace in the Middle East and appear to usher in an era of peace from terrible conflict. I ponted out to my friend what is going to happen when this powerful world leader breaks his promise to the Jews and the terrible conflict that will follow. I urged him to consider his need of putting hi trust in the true Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) Who died for his sins on the cross, while there is stil opportunity. I was overjoyed that my friend took that step and invited the Lord Jesus Christ to be his own personal Saviour and Lord. This woke me up to the wonderful opportunity we have in the present age, when many are fearfully wondering what is happening and what the future holds. We can tell them what the Bible declares, and face them with their need of personal faith in the true Messiah.

Current Issues Posted Here

The election is ended. The result is better than it might have been. However, only UKIP promised to uphold our traditional Christian values in its manifesto. Wit nearly 4 million votes it is a pity that our electoral system didn't yield more than 1 seat.

But the humanist government lingers on! It is horrific that the Ashers bakery in N Ireland has been criminalised for refusing to make a cake decorated with the words "Support Gay Marriage". As they had not refused on the grounds of the customers sexual orientation one would assume that no offence had been committed. But no. Having lost our freedom of speech and conscience by government equalities legislation, which is totalitarian, legislaters are free to make whatever they want of the law. just like Fascism and Communism. This legislation is Marxist, whatever political Party brings it in. Trouble makers from the homosexual community now have a carte blanch to see Chrisitans made into criminals. We said this would never happen here. Any decent person would simply take his trade elsewhere, but the homosexual activists want to rule over the rest of us. We need to pray and lobby for a conscience clause.

The perils of getting away from the wisdom of God

When we get away from God and His Divine wisdom and directions, a spirit of confusion reigns and we get into all sorts of a muddle. This happens on an individual basis, and is not then confined to spiritual matters, but can seriously affect our decision making in secular issues. But it also happens at a leadership level, resulting in often-dire consequences for many.

Courtesy of government legislation our children are being taught immorality under the guise of sex education, and are actually encouraged to indulge in promiscuous behavior, which is illegal under the age of consent. The sex education programmes repeatedly fail, but humanist government refuses to teach Christian morality. Instead they give them more of the same and at an ever-younger age. How confused can you get? The lives of vulnerable children are, therefore, being blighted by decree.

We are told that we have freedom of speech. But, clearly that does not apply to Christians. We give the homosexuals the right to state that their perverse lifestyle is right. But we do not have the same right to declare it as wrong. Thus street preachers get arrested for including homosexuality in their list of sins, Councillors are suspended for their Biblical stance and political correctness has trumped what is right.

Mike Overd has now been before the court and a Muslim judge who tried to tell him what verses from the Bible he should have used. He has been found guilty, fined and ordered to pay compensation to the person alledged to have been offended by the verses quoted, or go to prison!

The Ashers' bakery has been before the court for refusing to bake a cake with the slogan "Support Gay Marriage" on it and are currently awaiting judgement.

A few years ago, who would have believed that Christians would be persecuted and discriminated against in this way in our "Christian" country?

An election is coming up on 7th May. All the major Parties support this wicked, discriminatry (as far as Christians are concerned) legislation. Only UKIP has declared that it will stand by our Judeo/Christian standards.


A Senior Judge, Sir James Mumby, has stated that no-one has the right to stand by their moral code any longer in this now secular multi-cultural society. So, now we know! George Carey, previous Archbishop of Canterbury has written an excellent article in the Daily Mail (31.10.13) showing how Christians are now discriminated against and our Christian values undermined. One cannot help thinking that if he had had the courage to stand up when Archbishop we might not been such a state now! The present Archbishop of Canterbury speaks up on social issues, but compromises on Christian ones.

Not only was Gay Marrriage pushed through Parliament and imposed on us, but other issues are now being imposed in an underhand way. Only four members of the Privy Council were able to get the Queen to sign legislation regulating the Press, with no chance for the media's lawyers to view the document before hand. True, the Press has done some dreadful things over the years and should be made accountable, but the Government has now taken control. We are sliding down the slippery slope of Totalitarianism. Prelude to the coming kingdom of the antichrist I suppose. And what a responsibility the Queen has in all this. Signing this into law as she did with Gay marriage, yet she is supposed to be defender of The Faith. I tremble for her!

And so - The Olympic Games! We have seen the  re-enacting of their Pagan roots. The Olympic flame has drawn great crowds of supporters ignorant of those roots. The expensive opening ceremony has been seen to have a Marxist angle. Supposedly it started with Christian hymns (though "Jerusalem" is British Israelism) and led through people, allegedly opressed by their masters becoming enlightened and ended with a lesbian kiss. From Christianity to Homosexuality is progress - is it?

As these things are now escalating, we must be getting near to the Lord's return, especially when we see what is happening Let us be in the right place and looking towards His coming with expectancy. Although we should do our best to be salt and light, some of these matters seem unlikely to be set right until the Lord reigns. (See article A Very Serious Warning).

GAY MARRIAGE IS HERE!  A barrier has been passed. The Prime Minister seems to have been able to by-pass the democratic process and bring in Gay Marriage and obtain the Queen's signature. Astonishing! And Mr Cameron is proud of thisDaily Mail 25th July 2013."I want to export gay marriage around the world, says Cameron".Pride party at Number 10:The Prime Minister told a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender reception in Downing Street of his personal pride at legalising gay marriage.

My comment: The Prime Minister is proud of pushing this through Parliament without regard for the democratic process. He is proud of taking something God highly regards - real heterosexual marriage - and replacing it with something God regards as an abomination - Sodomy! Not only has he legalised it but has arranged for it to be celebrated! Not content with bringing this corruption to our shores, he wants to infect other countries with it as well.

Now that such an abomination has been brought into law who will ever be able to change it back again? We have rejected what God sees as precious and legalized an abomination! If we see God’s judgement on our country can we complain? Children have been robbed of stability and of their childhood. Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss has expressed her concern about this. But where is the voice of the Church? We are supposed to be salt and light, yet we seem to have given in to liberal humanism! And it gets worse. The media reported that there is now a recommendation that 5 year olds should be given sex education. Furthermore, the Government, seeking more and more control as totalitarian Governments in other places and at other times, wants to make it illegal for parents to withdraw their children from these immoral sex education lessons in secondary schools.And they want to impose their values on faith schools, insisting that they teach that homosexual relationships are valid. How dare they tell us what to believe?

Look what has now been imposed upon us!:

The Government has imposed the Sexual Orientation Regulations  This means that a Christian running a B&B will be committing a criminal offence if he refuses a double bed for a homosexual couple (two have already been in trouble for this)*. A church that rents its hall will not be allowed to refuse a homosexual organization, a Christian printer will be obliged to print pro homosexual literature, and an adoption society will not be allowed to refuse a placement on the grounds of the adoptive parents’ sexual orientation. So far, only the Catholic Church seems to have made any strong protest, and that has been about its adoption program. Again – where is the Church?

* Peter and Hazelmary Bull running a B&B near Penzance on Christian moral grounds refusing a double bed to anyone not married have lost their case when two homosexual men complained of discrimination. The £48,000 court cost have fortunately been covered by the excellent Christian Institute but they have been ordered to pay compensation to the two men of £3,600. They have now received requests for accomodation by more homosexuals trying to jump on the bandwagon! They have also had a lot of hateful telephone calls. They stand to lose their business and their home. It is understood that they intend to appeal. Any Christian seeking to stand for morality and Biblical truth could find themselves in this position, bankrupt, huge compensation to pay and a crimonal record! Clearly something must be done as a matter of great urgency. We should all flood Parliament with letters to our MPs immediately, asking that David Cameron Acts in accordance with his election promise to rescind the present human rights act and prevent innoocent people being made criminals. LET US ACT NOW.

The implications of all this are that not only are the very Christian principles that once made this country great not now as acceptable as they were, but that they are fast becoming illegal! Serious persecution is just round the corner. Are we going to cave in – or are we preparing ourselves to stand?

Where have all the Communists gone? They didn't suddenly get converted to capitalism when the Communist block fell. They are clever and now hide behind such titles as New Labour. For so long, as I have posed that question i have received blank looks. But it is out in the opn now. Newspapers have reported the Marxist link of many of our MPs including Gordon Brown and Jack Straw.For many years I have pointed out that from the 60’s onwards our universities, especially the LSE have taught Marxist doctrine. A colleague who took a degree course at the LSE disagreed with me, until one day when he committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and was born-again. A few months later he came to see me and said that with his new discernment he realized that I was right. They were not taught Marxism directly, but the doctrine infiltrated the teaching of the social sciences in a subtle way. We are reaping the outcome of this. Our humanist Government, many of whom are “Christian” Socialists, follow Marxism and its associated atheistic dogmas. It imposes those values on our society. When will we wake up? We are fast becoming a Police state! The whole "Gay Marriage" thing leads to oppression of truth. In France the young protested, but the humanist government imposed its will. Since then a young man has been arrested and imprisoned for wearing a tee shirt supporting traditional marriage. Once legislationis passed it will be an offence to critcise homosexual practise, as is the case in Canada. An American Preacher was arrested, his finger prints and DNA taken and thrown into a cell for seven hours for preaching about the lack of morality, including homosexual practise in a town centre.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO DEMOCRACY? The Government, professedly wanting to involve the people in the "Big Society" promised a debate in Parliament if over 100,000 signatures were obtained for an on-line petition. This target was achieved asking for a referendum on staying in Europe. Not only did Mr Cameron reneg on his promise, but even imposed a three line whip. I am grateful to the 111 MPs who ignored him. But where is democracy now? None of the main Parties are democratic. Even the Conservatives now want to impose on the electorate who put them in place.

More and more we are seeing control over individuals. Parenting is being taken out of the hands of parents. Surely, have we not seen this in various totalitarian Governments around the world? Why are we so naïve? The Daily Mail (and a recent Channel 4 program) reported the incident of a woman who stood outside number 10 and began to read out the names of those who have died in the Iraq war. Two police sergeants, twelve constables and two minibuses are alleged to have been sent to arrest her. Five hours in a police cell and an appearance before Bow street magistrates led to a criminal record under, what the Mail describes as one of the “Stalinist” laws, brought into being by the present Government to restrict free speech. Atheism takes on many guises and is profoundly anti-Jewish and anti-Christian. The humanists do not just grumble now – they are on the attack! And Political Correctness has now become Government policy. When Lynette Burrows, author of Fight For The Family expressed the view that homosexual men should not adopt little boys the Metropolitan Police made contact with her over “homophobic remarks on the radio, saying that homophobic, racist and domestic incidents were “priority crimes”. So much for free speech! George Orwell’s 1984 might have come a bit late, but we are seeing it now. The Thought Police are here!

We are seeing an attack on the Christian faith that we have not seen in the past century. The Coop Bank professes not to discriminate, but blatantly discriminates against Christians. (See Page 7 - that I have managed to change!)

More and more Political Correctness takes over. Last Christmas we saw it when Councils and business organizationsrefused to permit the celebration of “Christmas” (admittedly the worldly version) lest it offends ethnic minorities! This PC is an illustration of the inverted sense of values of Atheism, Marxism, Humanism – call it what you like – that we see making criminals out of decent people (such as those seeking to protect others who are then charged with assault) while the unrighteous virtually go free; as the murderer of Stephen Lawrence who after a few years of Her Majesty’s bed and board is able to live freely in society again. Stephen Lawrence cannot do that, and his family is robbed of him for the rest of their lives.

The public is being brainwashed into believing the secularism is neutral. It is not. It is anti-God, anti-Christian, is atheistic and is therefore of Satan (the god of this world). Notice how both here and in America the secular humanists are active in trying to get rid of any semblance of Biblical Christianity. They object to the teaching of creation, 10 Commandments being displayed outside court houses etc. It is only a matter of time before they will try to get rid of the coat of arms and words Dieu et mon droit being displayed in our court houses. I have recently come across a very interesting expression that is so appropriate and I think we can take up and use effectively:

"Liberal Secular Extremism"

And it cannot tolerate religion! The Government professes to want to curtail extremism, yet it fosters this one!


In a pilot project, some North Devon schools are going to hand out condoms and morning after pills to 14 year olds without parental consent.

Handing out condoms and morning after pills in this way makes four clear statements to our children:

  1. We are expecting you to be having sex with one another. (So that is what they do)
  2. Don’t worry about getting pregnant we can easily get rid of the baby for you.
  3. Never mind what your parents think; we are the ones who know what is best for you. The State does the parenting now!
  4. It doesn’t matter that you are breaking the law.

With regard to the latter; surely, intercourse under 16 is still against the law. Therefore those who hand out the condoms are aiding and abetting, and could be (ought to be) charged with a criminal offence.

As a probation Officer in the 1960's if a girl under 16 became pregnant she was regrded as being in need of care, and the boy would be brought before the Juvenile Court and charged with an offence. Not only does this not happen now, but the Government is actively encouraging law breaking and in a move reminiscent of totalitarian Governments is taking over control of our children. And we are letting them do it! Where is the out-cry? This is outrageous!

Clearly, we are losing our freedoms and sleep-walking into a Police State. Also, what has happened to morality? It has become a dirty word. The Government professes to be concerned about teenage pregnancies and the growth of sexually transmitted diseases. Its condom culture has failed for obvious reasons. It encourages sexual activity by youngsters and they are not mature enough to see the need to act "responsibly". So, what is the Government's answer? - More condoms! Half a century ago the norm was courtship, engagement, marriage, then sex and children, mainly brought up - as is still proved to be the best - by two parents, a mother and father. Fornication was frowned upon. Now it is actually encouraged. In this time of inverted morality, the norm is sex with many partners (maybe same sex) living with various partners, illegitimate children often without any father, siblings by different fathers, a single mother - and that is the poor kids life! In most cases they are destined to repeat the process as they have not experienced anything better. I weep for them. The evil people who promote all this scoff at Christian morality. Yet it has been proved to work. Their philosophies have been proved to fail. In America the "Abstinence" programmes are having some success. Humanism with its satanic agenda has become so entrenched here that it scoffs at such programmes even though they work. But - what is the Church doing about it?



May God Bless you all

Terence Scarborough

(E-mail: bandtscarborough@gmail.com