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In the natural world a certain order can be seen to prevail for so long but is then swept away in often cataclysmic change. One example would be an avalanche. Snow clings in great volume to the mountain slopes, despite conditions of deterioration, until finally, through changing conditions, the point is reached at which it can no longer resist the pull of gravity. The descent starts, slow at first, but inexorably accelerating, with an outcome which can in all too many cases be devastating.

It seems to us that Britain is now riding such an avalanche, and the point of initial slippage was the May 1997 general election, with its – pardon the pun – landslide Labour victory. That is not a party political comment, but rather a recognition that the culture and values which by and large had been held in this country for several centuries were then rejected. Those old values were not in themselves Christian. But they were rooted in Christian values. Now they are being replaced by the values of other gods whose existence however is not generally recognised. But if men invoke the name of gods in whom they do not believe, what will they do when the invocation is answered?

2001 has seen a similar point of initial slippage, this time in the events in America of September 11th. The former confidence and optimism of Americans has been replaced in many cases by fear in their own land. The delusion of the all-sufficiency of material prosperity collapsed with the twin towers in Manhattan.

As the smoke of the delusion cleared we glimpsed a face of implacable hatred. It has been seen before. It is the face of a spiritual entity which primarily hates the Judeo-Christian God. God has shown mankind His great love by sending His son Jesus Christ to die an agonising death by crucifixion in order to provide a way of escape for all who will take it. This entity would, if he could, attack and destroy God Himself but because he cannot, he turns his hatred upon mankind. This hatred has previously manifested itself in all manner of ways, including anti semitism. This time it has adopted the mask or persona of Islam.

The events of September 11th had a number of side-effects, one of which is the anti-terrorism Bill promoted by the Home Secretary. If the Bill were to become law in the form originally proposed, then it is foreseeable that it would be illegal to speak against any religion. Because Jesus claims to be the only way to God the Father, this inevitably means there are no other ways to the true and living God, a truth that flies right in the face of today’s politically correct multi-faith ethos. [Interestingly, since that time a number of street preachers have been arrested in this once "Christian" country for preaching the Gospel. Meanwhile, Muslim extremists get away with inciting hatred against the Jews and Christians.]

It could become illegal to sound a warning about the dangers of non-Christian faiths, including, for example, Islam’s aspirations to world domination by force as expressed in the basic and primary meaning of the now-much-heard Jihad. The leaders of the Western Alliance have been at pains to emphasise that their war is against terrorism and not Islam. Israel, who has been defending itself against Jihad-attempts to exterminate it as a people through some 6 or 7 wars over the past 53 years, knows the truth of the matter. The same spirit which has been striving for Israel’s annihilation for so long has this year raised its proud head against America and the West.

That Israel has not been destroyed despite overwhelming odds is not ‘happenstance’. She has enjoyed the protection of the Lord God, who as a matter of sovereign choice, long ago chose that nation for Himself. As the avalanche continues to grow in pace and chaos, the only protection, delusions all gone, will be with the same Lord who offers each of us the only way of escape in his Son, Jesus. Will we take it?


[I am grateful to David for this article that stands timelessly as a warning, and which I have now edited slightly to keep it as an on-going issue -Ed.]



Are you'll beginning to feel that you are living in a strange world? Well, you may not be alone. I guess a lot of others are wondering what is happening. All the old established values seem to have been turned on their heads. And this is not just moral values either. Even very basic practical issues affecting such institutions as the media are suffering from this upside down philosophy. So, just what is going on?

Let us look at a few of the practical issues:

At one time an appropriate qualification could be expected for a particular career. Reporters and newscasters would be expected to be qualified in use of the English language. Yet now they often seem to be incapable of correctly pronouncing words like impasse and furore. Furthermore, they have little understanding the difference between singular and plural, as regularly demonstrated by such phrases as:

The government are going to …

The committee are going to …

The team are called in to …

The team investigate the…

But we only have one government, committee, team etc. My old English teacher would have clipped my ear!

In an era when Christian values were accepted, body piercings and tattoos were not considered acceptable. They belonged to a pagan culture. Now they are prolific. And have you noticed that when there is a sad incident, very quickly folk build a shrine?

Then there are things that are imosed upon us whether we want them or not. At one time Police would clear a main road/motorway as quickly as possible after an accident. Now they can close a whole motorway or main road for hours and turn wach incident into a crime scene. It has got worse since an organisation was said to have been set up about 2-3 years ago to alleviate the problem. We are likely to see European legislation shortly that will demand we all drive with headlights ablaze even during daylight. It will wear out the bulbs, decrease fuel economy and, in my opinion, make motoring less safe. Try picking soft fruit when the sky behind the plants is brighter than in front; you cannot see whether the fruit is ripe or not. Bright lighting ahead diminishes the contrast of cyclists and pedestrians in front. But the authorities will not listen to us. (I was pleased to read the opinion of a scientist who is a lighting expert writing in the CPRE newsletter confirming my observations about this).

Then there are the moral issues:

The media is driving our present modern outlook. One only has to turn on a television set to experience bad language, explicit sex etc. The Government policy is also driving this with its sex education programmes based on the condom culture. Handing out condoms in schools sends an unwritten message which clearly says “We are expecting you to behave like this”, so they do! And, as the sex education programme fails and unwanted pregnancies rise annually, the Government's answer is to hand out yet more condoms! It is preposterous that they are now permitting under age girls who become pregnant and to have an abortion without the knowledge of their parents. The State is now in control. Our Government wants to introduce legislation that will prevent parents from removing their children from such pornographic programmes. They are not our children any longer, but in classic Socialist mode are seen as the State's children. And, we are accepting all this! Abortion is beginning to become another means of birth control.  The idea of being responsible for our actions is very old-fashioned one. And, whilst in America, some success of is being achieved by abstinence programmes, our government firmly resist the idea and continues to instruct and encourage our children in an even more immoral lifestyle. When I started work in the Probation service in the late 60’s an under age girl would be taken into care and the fellow would appear before the Court. It is still against the law to have sex under 16. So why are they not being charged with this offence now? Furthermore, why aren’t those who hand out condoms and morning after pills to those under age, knowing what they are for, being charged with aiding and abetting?

At one time a burly policeman would use his initiative. He would tell you off if you were doing something wrong and would only arrest you if the issue was serious. We were brought up with the belief that we only need fear the policeman if we were misbehaving (as when one grabbed me for climbing on a war memorial) but that he was the friend to go to for protection if we were in trouble. They would use their discretion over a pub fight, but would be very firm is some innocent person was offended against. Nowadays, the police have to follow all sorts of instructions and targets, and people committing, often serious crimes, are merely cautioned. Meanwhile, if you intervene and try to stop something from happening, or to protect someone else, you are the one likely to be arrested and thrown into a cell, and have your DNA and fingerprints taken and kept on file! This has happened on a number of occasions recently. A school headmaster intervened in a playground fight. One of the parents complained about him handling their child and as a result he was suspended and the police were called. There was also the case of the man who tried to prevent someone from being attacked; but the attackers were not arrested - he was! A retired policeman who made an off-the-cuff remark about a female inspector was arrested and thrown into a cell, naked. It is up to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether they charge people, and many are being brought before the courts for things that at one time of day would have been unthinkable. At one time of day you and I could have had confidence that unless we committed some proper offence against the law we would not be likely to be arrested. We cannot say that today.Street preachers are being arrested for proclaiming the Word of God. Homosexuals or Muslims complain that they have been offended by what has been said, or read from the Bible and that is enough to make criminal out of the Christian. But is does not work the other way.

Whilst I accept that Racism is a crime, I was most concerned upon visiting some one in prison to see a notice in the waiting room declaring the Home Office official policy that defined racism as: “Any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. How dangerous! If you inadvertently say “Black mark” without any racial intent and someone wants to harm you, they only have to say that they perceived it as racism and you are in trouble. But, it gets worse. A remark against homosexuality is not (yet) against the law. Yet the homosexual police web site www.reportit.org.uk not only has the above quote about racism, but adds: A homophobic incident is defined as “Any incident which is perceived to be Homophobic by the victim or any other person”. Note, this also appears on Nottinghamshire Police web site:

Nottinghamshire Police clearly define homophobic incidents as:


If you, or someone you know, have been subject to any sort of homophobic harassment the police will deal with it as a homophobic incident. There are no exceptions to this – no “ifs”, no “buts”.

If you say it’s homophobic, it is

A middle-aged couple raised objections to the council displaying pro homosexual literature and asked if they could similarly display Christian literature. It resulted in them being interviewed for 80 minutes by two police officers who were quite rude to them, and told them that whilst homophobia was not currently a criminal offence, they had better watch out!

We are sleep walking into a Police State. It gets nearer and nearer. How many people know what is going on? How many Christians know? How many even care? How many can be bothered to do anything about it? One only needs to look at the pornographic sex education programmes in some of our schools to see that our children are being corrupted in school. Yet parents either don’t want to believe it, or don’t want to be seen to be making a fuss. They would sooner have their children corrupted, than experience any embarrassment!

I have often said that if I preached in a large church one Sunday morning and told the congregation that if they wrote a letter to a certain address during the week they would receive a cheque for £1,000 by return, there would be a 100% response. Some would put their roast beef on hold until after they had written. But, ask them to write to their MP about an issue that is vital to the well being of our country, our Christian freedom, morality, the safety of our children etc. and hardly any will be bothered. Yet humanists who want to see all vestiges of anything Christian abolished, the homosexuals etc. never cease to write, lobby Parliament etc. Consequently they are being very successful. Little wonder this is being referred to as a post Christian era! As Christians we need to give ourselves a good shake! Preaching along those lines in a smaller Christian Fellowship I got it in the neck. I was accused of being hard, unloving and legalistic.

Homosexuality is being pushed and pushed. A few years ago I wrote to the War Office when the idea of having homosexuals in the Armed Forces was suggested and received an encouraging reply assuring me that they would definitely not permit this. Months later they announced that homosexuals would be permitted to be members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. I wrote again. They apologised and said that they had had to come in line with Europe. Now, both the Armed Forces and the Police play a big up front homosexual role in Mardi Gras and other immoral parades. Write in protest and you will now receive a standard reply about equality. But this is not about whether a homosexual should have the right to employment; it is blatant promotion of homosexuality!

Evolutionists shout loudly that what they believe is scientific and proven truth (OK guys, so where are all these missing links then? We ought to be falling over them, but they are conspicuous by their absence) and Creation just a myth. Institutions like the BBC are quick to support such views. If they have a debate, instead of finding some qualified scientist to support the creation side of the argument they put up some foolish person who doesn’t know what he is talking about, and who has the rug pulled form under him by the absurd statements of a dogmatic evolutionist like Professor Dawkin.

Marriage has been under attack for years. It is something only a minority bother with now, and some of those have been living together beforehand. No wonder we have dysfunctional children, when they are brought up with no father, a step father, possible step fathers or maybe even a homosexual couple. Analysis of the latest budget shows that it is cheaper to remain unmarried. We now have "Gay" marriage , with homosexuals having the same rights as married couples. A judge has recently given custody of a child to the lesbian partner of her natural mother. Years ago when I did adoption work a Christian couple would be acceptable; a homosexual couple would not. Now it is the other way round. Social workers who are Christians have a real problem. If they do not agree to adoption with homosexuals they lose their jobs. As some one prayed in a prayer meeting years ago, when things were not as bad as they are today: “Lord, look what they are doing to our children!”

And have you noticed that heads of institutions no longer accept any accountability for their decisions? In the case of Government ministers and prime ministers, all the lying, deceiving, fiddling in the world can take place and it does them no harm. They seem fireproof. They collect their big salaries for putting our country in the doldrums. They will retire on huge pensions, supported by you and I, prior to which they are likely to get some lucrative position in Europe. If you question them, you will get spin. But it doesn’t remain with Government ministers and top civil servants. Try holding anyone to task these days, even with humour and they will duck and dive. My wife and I have been members of the excellent Camping Club for many years. I wrote a short, humorous article about the antics of a male camper trying to have a private wash on a site with no male wash cubicles. It was rebuffed with a comment that they were going to try to solve the problem some other way. A letter in the magazine complained about caravans with lights outside spoiling the get-away-from-it-all atmosphere. I wrote a short letter asking: “What about the Club’s lights?” It was meant as a discussion point, but it was not published. Instead I received a terse letter detailing health and safety provisions. When many of the advertisements in the club magazine were worded "2 birth", "4 birth" etc I wrote a short letter saying how amused I was about the unit stating “Child’s birth above the cab” and asked whether the site manager acted as midwife? My attempt at humour failed again (but I noticed that in the next issue of the magazine the adverts were all correctly printed as berth). Having edited the Probation Service Christian Fellowship Newsletter for a number of years I used to look for humorous contributions that would elicit discussion. I am not singling out the Camping Club. But wriggling out of accountability, even to a lack of having a sense of humour, is beginning to permeate our society. In other words, it isn’t what is right any longer, it is promoting a certain ethos.

This brings us to the whole issue of Political Correctness. What does it mean? A recent letter in a daily newspaper clarified it by defining it as Political Correction. But, what politics? It is not difficult to see, given a little thought. The whole issue of political correctness is that of the Socialist left. We saw it in operation in the Communist bloc and we see it today in the communist countries (and in Fascist States). It is about control of people. Notice how many recent Government decisions are set to exercise control over us. What is not often realised is that Marxist doctrine was taught in our universities, such as the LSE during the late 60’s and the 70’s and that many of the people in control of Government today were students of those universities, and were indoctrinated into those Marxist philosophies. (One Newspaper reported the Charles Clarke was leader of the student Marxist group) Look carefully and you will see that they are legislating for those very philosophies. A colleague who was educated at the LSE denied any Marxist indoctrination. One day he came to know the Lord. A few months later he came into my office and told me that I was right. It was only after he was born-again that he realised the subtle indoctrination in the university’s subject matter. David Cameron, currently leader of the Conservative Party, no longer holds to traditional values. Frankly, I regsrd him as a closet Marxist. Against the desires of the majority it was he, a conservative, who pushed us into the legalisation of an abomination - Gay Marriage. Yet in the next breath he professes to support traditional Christianily! As Littlejohn in the Daily Mail would say - you couldn't make it up.

When we look back half a century or so we see a sound moral base. Law and order was fairly precise. Marriage was acceptable, but divorce and cohabitation frowned upon. A girl was expected to be a virgin until married. Abortion was taboo. Children were usually brought up in a household with father and mother. Various forms of media had to ensure sound moral portrayals. All that has now been stood on its head. Inverted! Homosexuality and other forms of immorality are now acceptable, as is the murder of little children in the womb, but Judaeo Christian moral values are no longer acceptable. And the top no longer see it as their responsibility to set an example. Agreed, the Royal Family has had hidden unsavoury incidents which have come to light many years later, but today it is all out in the open. According to the press Prince William has a cottage renovated for him to live in with his girl friend and has permission for them to have a room in which they can fornicate at Clarence house. Prince Harry is seen in drunken, hooligan, party going with his girl friend, who also enjoys expensive Royal protection even when on her own.

I have not just mentioned spiritual and moral inversions, but shown how this upside down morality has permeated every section of our society. How has this come about? It is because the Judaeo-Christian ethos which served this country so well for so many years has been allowed to decline. It has been replaced with secular humanism. People tend to think of secularism as being neutral. It is not. It is atheistic. Atheism is itself a religion under the control of Satan, spoken of as the god of this world. And the Bible tells us what happens when Satan is in control. Men promote their own wisdom and the result is - inversion. And we cannot say we were not warned:

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four footed beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. Romans 1:22-32

Mark 7:7: in vain do they worship me, teaching human precepts as doctrines.'

So, we see that when we get away from the precepts of God, then we get the opposite, the inversion. It starts with opposition to what God has said, then permeates morality and even moves on to what might be expected to be straight forward rules for living (law). Witness the humourless repressive control of communist (and fascist) governments. Our present Government is beginning to control and repress people. Then, even ordinary organisational matters, good values in the media etc., get corrupted and turned around.

Sadly, as the world has got into the Church and false doctrine becomes an ever increasing problem, we begin to see it all happening over matters of faith. Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven is about the philosophies of men and New Age concepts. So, even the Church is not immune.